About Chris

Hello! I’m Chris Gorski. I’m into functional languages, like Haskell. I also have a great deal of expertise in distributed systems, in particular those utilizing web services (a.k.a., cloud computing).

Triathlons are fun! I’m also into multi-day endurance races like “3 Days at the Fair”. If you’re so inclined, view my race history.

I’m always up for outdoor adventures. If you live in either south-central Pennsylvania, or the greater Washington, DC metro area, who knows? Perhaps we can meet up for a hike sometime.

My professional history is summarized on Linkedin

Every once in a while I engage in an open source project. Right now I’m writing code to simulate outcomes in a variety of well-known games, in a package aptly named general-games.

I helped produce the first three episodes of Van Jones’s “The Messy Truth” with my friends Lance and Brandon at Meridian Hill Pictures.

My only claim to fame is a “Suck” article from 1995 that mocks my “Gorski’s Cool Site of the Day” page that I maintained when I was an introverted fifteen year-old. Ah, the good ol’ days of the Internet.